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When I first watched 92-year old Stuart Hodes lead a group of seniors in a dance, I immediately felt a sense of community and hope. Age stopped existing during that hour of class. A film about them and others like them would share with an audience that feeling I had experienced.

​Through this film I want to explore how we can age with joy and fear aging less. The film shines a light on aging successfully from the perspective of the older dancer. These dancers deal with the challenges of old age while surpassing its limitations and shattering preconceptions about aging. And even more than questioning stereotypes about the beauty of the older dancer, the film seeks to reveal the capacity of the older person to experience unrestrained joy and unwavering determination through dance and art. It’s easy for the viewer to extrapolate that aging does not necessarily mean ceasing to be vital and meaningfully engaged in life.

The film ultimately sends viewers a twofold message through its charismatic characters and their dancing. It metaphorically tells those who are contemplating their own mortality: Don’t stop dancing! It also tells viewers who are looking at older others: They are still dancing!


- Josefina

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